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Created Friday, June 08, 2007 4:33:39 PM

You were more than I could have
Ever asked for

At one time
You were
Just a person I
Vaguely knew

Three years my senior
Who could have guessed?
You would be the one
Most involved with me
More than that one person
Could ever be

As time passed
I only found you
As a close friend among
My most admired someone
Nothing else, nothing more

But then, a sudden change
We became close
Closer than I imagined possible
So close
It hurt
Because I longed from the fact
That I could never receive from him
What you were giving me

I saw him more,
I talked to him more
Because you there with him
And you were right -
It had been worse before
When I never, ever got to see his face
And meeting him was
A wish for the impossible!

You showed me many things,
You surprised me
With your knowledge,
And your wisdom
A friendship blossomed between us
And I admired you more and more
Each day

Who could have known?
You would mean more to me
Than that person ever could

I had never dreamt of you every night,
I had never pictured me with you at all
But look now -
I am your "sister",
You are my "brother"
And yet so much more

I was so blind.
So blind as to not see
He had given me absolutely nothing
And yet I still longed for him
When right in front of me was you
Everything I wished he was!

You were the one who held me
You  were the one who cared for me
Not him.... never him!
Even though I wanted
So, so much from him
To mean just as much to him
Because that was how he was to me!

He, whom I adored so much
He, who never said so much as a “hello” or a “goodbye”
Because he knew you would be gone after today
He spoke to me in such a way
As if he and I would never meet again

I grew shameful
Thinking I had ever
Had any feelings for him, who
Had never let me in
No matter what I said,
No matter what I wore,
No matter what I DID!

And yet you, his friend
Maybe closest
You let me in
When I cried, you were the one
Telling me I wasn't a child
In crying over what I felt was a small matter
You told me I could cry
And no one would tell me it was a wrong
And immature thing for me to do

But he, he would not smile or talk to me
Unless I bought it from him
Through a fake laugh, a fake gesture
And I thought,
“Any relationship gained from that –
My pain and efforts –
Would be one of ignorance…”

What I found in you
Is what I’ve desperately wanted
How could I not have realized?

I can look at you,
Into your eyes
And see you looking back
Acknowledging my presence –
Not through the things I do
Not through the things I say
Nor the things I wear!
But because you love me for
Who I really am

Our relationship
Has no condition
It’s just there, between us
Filled with real memories
Real smiles
Real laughter and gestures
Of affection

Instead of making me feel empty,
You make me feel whole
The memory of you does not make me lonely,
Nor does it cause my nights to be colder,
But it continues to give me a sense of hope
Allowing me to smile towards
A future where I could see you once more
Looking back at me,
Waving back at me
Without my forcing you to

Amidst the crowd of people
Even he did not throw my mind astray
I looked for you,
Running to all the places
Where we talked
Hoping you would be there
With that hair of yours
And your wonderful kind eyes
As well as all the outlines that make up
Your face
So committed to my memory

And although I could not find you anywhere,
I remembered your promise
We would meet again
Someday, one day!

“I love you.”

And you said…

“I love you too.”

An understanding
Just in a few simple words
I am blessed
They were enough to express
All the ways we mean to each other
All the things we love about each other

At one time you were
Just a person I vaguely knew
And now you’re a person I have known for ages

I may have cared for that boy once.
I may have given anything just to have him feel the same.
But after telling him how I felt,
I suddenly remembered
All the times you had come running for me
Waiting for me at our usual place by that tree,
At the school where we had said so much
And had done so many things…

You promised me you’d see me again,
And thus I am bound to hope, cherish you
Through that promise
Sustaining, lingering through the years
The bond we had shared
So simply understood
Remembering what you sacrificed
For me, your
“Little sister”
As you, my
“Older brother”


“You were more were more than I could have ever, ever asked for.”
It's a funny thing.

Don't ever forget, okay? I never break my promises.
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Zealouswizard Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2007
I don't even know how many times I've read this, it makes me sad. And happy, at the same time. Gee, I wonder who you're talking about.
ChibiKyuu Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007  Student Digital Artist
russia213 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007
Very deep... Ahhh the difference between love and lust is just amazing isn't it? I like it.
ChibiKyuu Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Hello! Long time no see. Glad you liked it. The theme I was going for in this poem was for of a brotherly-sisterly type of relationship, though, but I kind of see where you're coming from.
ChibiKyuu Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Then again, there is love from that - Thank you.
russia213 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007
np it was really good
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