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My love is all that you would need,
To go on with your life as you would have wanted
You are still the person I have always known
And I'm sure you always will be
My love is enough for you to smile
I don't have to do anything else for you
There is nothing more I can do
Involving myself in your life, having longed to be a part of you
I'm sure I have
But now, it's calm and quiet
I can hear the sounds of cars passing by
With the wind in my face, the fragrance of the plants on the side
I'm sure I am
A part of you
I know somehow
That I have lit up something special and meaningful in you

I'll let you go
I'll let you roam free
Soar on your wings so that you may not be burdened by me
I'll wave you off to the worlds you always wanted to see
There is no home of yours that has me in it
But I will always offer one to you if ever should you need
A place to let out your troubles, like a strong bridge over anxious water
If I really loved you I would let you go
And I will… in everything I do

One Tuesday dawn
I awoke, startled by a dream
Of a ground paved gray, us walking our separate ways
A friend on each of our sides
Somehow our paths had met and we began to walk the same way
The glistening sun blinding in my eyes
Beside you, I could feel it
How you knew I was there
But you never turned around or looked my way
Our arms were touching
Our hands were so close
I felt your hand brush against mine
And I reached out to that hand of yours
But before I could hold you, I opened my eyes
And realized that you were never there
I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling
My still and cold hands next to no one's
My legs having never tread the places I had seen
I looked out towards the windows,
My room bathing in a bluish glow
And wondered about all those times I had thought of you, and
How often you are reminded of me
Oh, does it matter?

You are a kind person, but too kind to expect any more
You're the type who respects people's feelings and never laughs
You tend to tease but you take your words back when you know they're wrong
You remembered the times we spent together,
You remembered when we first met!
You told me all the things I do in front of you
Such as acting like a child, or looking at you shyly

One Tuesday day
I knew I would meet you
We crossed paths and found ourselves before one another
And there we stood
I thanked you for one wonderful time you gave me before
We didn't know what to do
Everything when it comes to you is so spontaneous
Unexpected, mysterious, befuddling
Yet that day, although so many people were around us walking their own way
You looked at me
You looked at me
And I felt a connection that I cannot express
The same one I felt when you held your hand against mine long ago
And after that, you suddenly walked away

One Tuesday noon
Someone asked me why I liked you
It's because
Of all the things you do,
However obnoxious, silly, or wrong
There's an awkward side to you that is amusing
And when you smile, you light up the room around you
Your actions are unexplained, vague
I can't tell what you're thinking
And when you do something
I see a little more of the person you really are
And that person
Is kind, thoughtful, and free

If I love you now, I'd be sweet
And watch you from afar go about your way
Turning away from me when you intend no hard feelings
Walking away when you mean no harm
I know your feelings are genuine
And I'll believe only what I want to believe about you
As well as accepting the things people say about you
I know, that when you talk to me
You are not someone I would hate
Not at all
But you are someone I would love

Couldn't I be like a mother, who watches her children grow up and leave?
I know you'll come back to see me,
Or when the occasion calls for it I know surely I will meet you again
Someday, one day
I know we'll meet again
During that time, I will learn to be more like myself
And learn how to make myself happy without you
I will grow up into an adult by myself
And send all this love elsewhere

Making it radiate all over my world.
Created 2008年9月9日 15:38:34

I know somehow my presence itself
In your memories of me, your thoughts of me.

All the utmost acknowledgments to Spangles44's photo Sarasota Beach at Sunset, for a picture worth a 1000 more words than I can say

I'm going there. I can do things myself.

With all my feelings, all my good intentions,
You can hear my thoughts and emotions without me saying.
I know it.
ffxmedic Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2008
definately :)
ffxmedic Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
serious eh that was something to think about. Great Work.
ChibiKyuu Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008  Student Digital Artist
:bulletpink: Whoa! Sorry this is a late reply ^^; but thank you. I always look forward to submitting poems, knowing that people like you will eventually read them one day :bulletpink:
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